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Speak of the devil Gown is become my addiction for the last two months. After having Raya i’ve been busy making so many gown for so many occasion till my sister said i must have given reward or something for having so many gown to make in my tailor. Don’t blame me but this wedding season is just so intense and somehow every bride send me the fabric they wish seen on me on the day of the wed. So there se goes…

Among all gown this one has special chance to be documented, if all of my gown could speak perhaps they would be jealous on this yellow gown. Don’t blame it, i put as much love as i can to all of my gown that i wear with confident, it just have a better luck on the day.

Common question i get along that month is 

Where did you make your dress? Or where to buy?

I have even made a special snapgram just because i have been tired of answearing the same question haha.

When we are making a dress or gown, so many times we are flown away by the perfect pictures spread on pinterest or instagram and wish we can make similiar one with less effort. When you are get involved in creative process to make (even) one simple dream gown it might need extra effort, technique, money, mention all. So when you make one and you find it less appealing then your references just try to step on earth. Something extra need extra effort indeed. You are IMITATING not DUPLICATING so there will always be a DIFFERENCES wether small or big. And what you have to do is snuggle in it and wear it like it your best dress so people would wondering it is so beautiful, that’s what i do, seriously.

I am lucky enough to find the right tailor near my home, after dozen try and error and adapting moment since i move back to my home town. We both try to understand each other side, me as a client who need to be understand that i am as a woman need a gown that less spending money but can accomodate my visualisation of my dream gown and comfort. So does the tailor as the artist who need to learn and improve their skill and has limitation. So we both now know what fit and not for both and at the end have agreement that both feel comfortable with the result.

So many times people see me having better dress, or always can embody a good gown. In fact i’m not. There’s always moment i text my tailor or my designer friend ask how to style something or ask opinion about how i look like with my dress. Until i have my comfort point and just be grateful of what i have. You never know perhaps deep down inside i have that “you’re dress better than mine” feeling but i try to make it positive for me rather than being negative to myself and down low my self esteem.

I even love to have that mini me with Freya since she was baby, having a girl is a blessing somehow. So here’s our lil shoot made by papa minutes before we off to venue.