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There’s always time when you are colour coordinating everything. And for me today i want to have pink all around, since i have my new boots and blazer match today. The blazer actually come in a set with the pants and few beauty blogger has ever worn it charmingly in an event. So when i found it i just directly put it to try wish could bring them home BUT sadly the pants looked awkward on me so i decided to get the blazer only. Even it is a bit pricey but it’s all paid off. The cut, fabric and everything just so me in the most comfortable way and you may seen it years from now worn on my blog or my ootd again perhaps.

Otherwise the boots is simply came in very good luck and time for me. First time i saw my friend wore similiar boots but the price is too much for me with no famous brand. As you know i love to preloved my stuff, so when i splurge on something i always make sure it will be surf on market easily once i tought we’re not match anymore. So i decide to put it postponed to buy the expensive one. Few months later i found super cute boots look like my friend ever worn in Fashion Valet. I checked the price and it’s cheaper but at that time i still have something else to buy so i postponed it again. Then one fine day when i checked the web (again) the shoes are on SALE mpore than 50%!!!. The price is just too good to be missed so finally that cute boots is on my way home. And when i finally meet and worn it, it just scream so me hahaha.  And everyone eyes is on me every time i wear them.

Last story is about my red tint glasses. If you are follow me you must know i love to have that quirky shade one on my bucket list is this red tint sunglasses with this perfect round shape. I have years to find it untill finally a friend of mine found it for me and buy it. I was inspired by Selena Gomez yeaaarrrsss ago so dont ever associate me with incess, sorry not sorry.

So how’s my pink day?Is it fresh enough to see?









Blazer : Stradivardius
Bag : Coach
Boots : Mell and Molly via Fashion Valet