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Your Best Way To Start New Year

Actually, it’s a pleasant day to start 2017 with new festive vibe.

Every year I make my own wishlist on what best to invest, after you do your hard work along the year. Yep you need to balance your life. Work hard play HARDER! I’ll spoil you some of my fave item


Huda Beauty Rose Gold Pallete

I am a super picky person moreover when word “DUPES” grow strong among many beauty addict. Why you have to spend all that money on a product that can be substitute? So when buying a product I have multiple concern on how worth to buy is it. I am a fan of Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger who turn into bussiness woman. All of her work is amazing include every product she created with the team, tha fab lashes, lip countour, liquid matte and her latest creation rose gold pallete.

Among all her creation I would love to pick that beautifull pallete. I know the hive of that kylie pallete but with all that money spend I really want something that “work” on my face and one of a kind. When you spend a lot of money on a pallete you surely want to make it one standing the crowd. And it filled much more brick than usual palette has. Like you buy almost two set on a pallete. And they have almost all hot colors in one palette. See Len Zakaria’s work using this pallete and you’ll fall in love already.


Sony G7x

One of best camera for vlogging era, you will find this camera in almost on every great influencer, vlogger and everyone who work on youtube. It’s compact, easy, and give you amazing result. Great photos is a must for you feed and a great camera as well. Why you have to buy two camera when one can suit all you need?


Aimee Song : Capture Your Style

if you are have passion in creative industry especially on digital area you need this book. Song of style is one of succesfull blogger with 4.2 M followers on instagram ( and still counting) . She revelead how she mantain her social media and blog include every detail she need to make a great photos. It has become one of new york best selling book since then. Should be one of your must have book this year.


Guccy Dionysius Bag

Gucci has been one of the most succesfull brand in 2016 by its most popular bag dyonisus (you see everyone wear it, literally EVERYONE). It looks like everyone fall in love already with this bag, this bag is like the new LV speedy bag or Givenchy Antigona. Now people tend to like something smaller and simplier somehow it remain me with classic Chanel Flapbag (with new touch of course you can’t miss that buckle and that bamboo accent for gucci). This bag is included in luxury brand which is retalied around 17 mio in rupiahs, ( yes I know you will have that strange look after read the price but it’s the truth and I wont hide it. This is the most talked about bag this year, period.)  just in case you have that much money and want to invest it on bag. Read to see how a bag can be a good investment somehow. I am personally also have that multiple concern on having this as my collection nowadays I will just staring this bag from far behind. Haha but if you have  a chance why not to have this it bag to reward yourself?


Apple Watch

When it first launch i didn’t put much attention on it ( seriously), but since once my mom want to buy it (so bad till any other brand couldn’t be another option) i fallin love with this high tech watch after doing my mini research. The key is on the strap, you can camuflage in thousands way of style. Want to go sporty, classic, chic, masculine, you have it. Plus it super high technology for a watch, it synchronize with your phone (iphone only), and then every brand make their own version. But for me nothing beats that sleek design of apple (forgive me I’m an apple fan since day one). For series 1 it sell aroud 4-5 mio and for second series its price around 5-6 mio, there’s also several special series like sporty one (around 7 mio) and specia edition with hermes (around 15 mio). The differences betwen those series as I know is in technolgy they provide in it (correct me if I’m wrong). They also have different size watch 36mm 42mm. So pick who you want to be today with your iwatch.


Super Fun Travelling

Who said travelling is so expensive? said it no more, once in a year going somewhere you never been. I watch and learn from most traveled person on earth and they said the key is preparation and excecution. My lil sis give me some advices, save money from the beginning of the year. Well since it’s a new year we can have a fresh start for a good travel spot for the end of the year. Second tips is do backpack. Less comfort or should I say less luxury? Why you have to spend millions pennies for just sleep and put your stuff when you can do it in an clean comfort room cost you a lot less? (unless you have that money). Travel is always about option, how you want to spend it. You can also cook by yourself like at home and spend a lot more money(if you have that skill). Two of my recent favourite destination is Dubai and Japan, both stiff and unique place that await your visit for extraordinary experience.