Haramain, boyy bag

White on White at Sephora

Speaking of truth, i planned to write down this post long time ago but postphoned until this minute, due to heavy work schedule i have to done, when everything’s done and time to blog come i accidently sleep exhaustedly and wake up seeing my blog in the next morning undone again and again zzz But […]

Dancing at Pasabag Turkiye

Welcome to my fashion spread (again). As i start to write in Bahasa for this past year, some of you may miss me in the old vibe. After deep concideration and numerous blocking moment i hope this post will light up your day and give you bunch positive vibes. And off course come back here […]

Modest Fashion Photography

Going 30 In Style

Gak pernah terbayang dalam pikiran saya bahwa tiba tiba saja saya harus mengakhiri perjalanan saya dalam usia 20an. I feel like hey is there any numbers left in betwen 29 to 30 since i want to stay on my 20s. But here i am entering 30 with a bit dizziness. Saya gak tahu apakah saya […]

Whats In My Bag

Sebagai perempuan bukan rahasia bahwa tas adalah salah satu adiksi terkuat, betapa tidak dengan tas keren seluruh penampilan kamu bisa teraksentuasi dengan sempurna. Ada dua tipe perempuan dalam dunia tas penggemar tas besar segala dibawa atau penggemar tas kecil minimalis. Kamu penggemar yang mana? Kalau saya dua duanya. Lho? Ya iya, weekday saya penggemar tas […]


Sebetulnya Baju Kurung sudah menghiasi agenda saya sejak tahun lalu, my very first ever Baju Kurung dari Alia Bastami designer Malaysia bisa kamu lihat di sini. Nah ceritanya beruntung di lebaran tahu ini saya dapat gift dari teman baik saya Ashry Rabbani yang sedang mengembangkan sayap ke pakaian siap pakai dan beruntung saya dapat sampel […]


There’s always time when you are colour coordinating everything. And for me today i want to have pink all around, since i have my new boots and blazer match today. The blazer actually come in a set with the pants and few beauty blogger has ever worn it charmingly in an event. So when i […]


Do you have ever had that one fashion item you want to wear so bad but you have so many concern before adopt it? Me? yes! with the fringe skirt. I have obsessed with fringe since so many designer make amazing gown with fringe in Oscar 2016s. But to have one is really difficult. So […]


Today mark my second year launching my blog profesionally. For that i want to present something special for all of you my dearest reader. I may have been check my bucket list as a writer, blogger but become the succesfull one is still far from my journey. People write for several reason if it is […]


Denim and patches. Patches is fulfill our life with joy and expression. Perhaps it’s begin when Gucci put her signature embroidery patch on their iconic bags (dyonisius for sure). By then many street brand especially Zara adapt it and put them on almost everything, and it’s turn out fabulous. You have several option to have this kinda […]