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Dancing at Pasabag Turkiye

Welcome to my fashion spread (again).

As i start to write in Bahasa for this past year, some of you may miss me in the old vibe. After deep concideration and numerous blocking moment i hope this post will light up your day and give you bunch positive vibes. And off course come back here again for another post haha.

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Taken almost a year ago with Sweet Escape team in Spring after we catch hot air baloon when sunrise came. We dance like no other did and just enjoy our best of time. Cappadocia and Pasabag is one of dreaming places no one could resist and when you come visit here please make the memory count. Hope will have another adventure this year and share it with you all.










Styled by yours trully and Mbak Yogy
Captured perfectly by Kursat via Sweet Escape


Yesi Haerunsia

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  1. Salfok liat foto-fotonya, ku ingin nangis, cantik banget tetehkuuuu. Ingin juga foto ala ala muterin rok gitu, syakeup asli! Coba rada dibisikin ke aku Teh cara biar geulis gitu gimana hahah

  2. Aku suka banget sama outfit dan angle pengambilan fotonya teh Yesiii. Sukses terus ya tetehku. Pasabag ini baguuuuuus ya masya Allah 🙂

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